Due workshop gratuiti su EXTENSIVE READING a Milano e Mantova

Roger Smith presents extensive reading
I due workshop gratuiti su EXTENSIVE READING si terranno a MILANO il 5 marzo 2024 e a Mantova il 7 marzo 2024
KEY-PRELIMINARY & FIRST-ADVANCED: the link between extensive reading, vocabulary acquisition and better writing             
Docenti della secondaria di I° e II° grado 
WORKSHOP 1 - Martedì 5 marzo 2024 - 16:00-18:00                 
LICEO SEVERI-CORRENTI Via Alcuino 4 MILANO - M5 Domodossola
WORKSHOP 2 - Giovedì 7 marzo 2024 - 16:00-18:00                   
HOTEL CASA POLI Corso Garibaldi 32  MANTOVA           

In the first part of the presentation, we will look at the relationship between reading and learning new words and expressions.  One of the best ways of helping our students to make progress is by encouraging students to read as much as possible.  The idea is that through reading, they revisit vocabulary they have already learnt and also pick up new words along the way.  Some students will take to this sort of extensive reading straight away, but others will need guidance and support, and the way that we set up reading activities and maintain interest in them are vital teaching skills.  We will also look at suitable texts for the A2/B1 levels, and see how extensive reading can help our students become better writers too.

In the second part of this presentation, we will look at what is required in the First and Advanced writing papers and how we can help our students prepare for it.  One of the best ways of improving writing is by encouraging students to read similar texts - the idea is that they subsequently transfer features from these examples into their own stories.  Some students will do this naturally, but others will need guidance and we will look at how best to provide this.  Students also need to be able to develop their own texts and this process of revising and redrafting is another key way we can help our students become better writers.  We will see that writing activities do not necessarily have to be solitary, silent activities, but can be integrated with other skills into interactive and motivating lessons. 

The Presenter

Roger Smith has been involved in ELT since he left university over 30 years ago.  He is based in North East Italy, where he works as a teacher and teacher trainer.  He is a tutor on Cambridge CELTA and DELTA courses, and gives in-service seminars to teachers in both state and private language schools. He has an MA in ELT from Reading University, and has worked with several universities, both in Italy and the UK, including the Open University, where he wrote a new course for pre-MBA students, and the University of Bolzano as a lecturer on a training course for primary school teachers. He has written an EAP coursebook for Electrical Engineering students for Garnet Publications. His work as a trainer has taken him to several countries, including Spain, South Africa, Serbia, Latvia and the USA. He currently has a permanent position at Trento University, where he is head of language testing.

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